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Saturday, April 01, 2006

My Civil Disobedience

My government, the one managed by the compassionate conservatives, has let me down. It has allowed the ravenous manufacturers of medications to pillage my pockets for far too long. As an act of protest because of my frustration, I arranged to purchase medications from a friendly neighboring nation. I knew no drug company would miss the pittance I chose to send to a country that had the good sense to negotiate lower prices for the medications for its citizens.

Rather than such a negotiation, my leaders developed a diabolical scheme arranged to appear to help senior citizens to manage the escalating costs of their drugs. Instead, it beautifully developed a wonderfully profitable arrangement for insurance companies and drug companies. Now, if I had any money remaining in my pocket, I would certainly know in which companies to invest it.

My arrangement with a reputable Canadian drug company allowed me to save quite a bit more than the system contrived by my government. So it seemed only common sense to continue to do business with them, rather than pay more for less in my country. Therefore, my kindly, concerned, compassionate leaders; those my fellow country persons eagerly elected to serve the nation and to monitor our best interests; those selfless examples of rectitude and morality generously giving their time and expertise to this governing business, have thoughtfully seized my medicine at our friendly open border with another nation.

When I inquired of the truly patient, helpful customer service representative at my Canadian drug company as to what becomes of the confiscated medications, he said the drug packages may be opened by our border people and examined to be certain they are safe for our citizens, and then, of course, because seals have been breached, the contents must be disposed of. Or, packages might be returned to the sender and could possibly be reshipped if untampered with, but probably would have to be destroyed. One must only hope that our border personnel are as righteous and conscientious as those we sent to the halls of governance, or little black market drug stores will be popping up in all our border cities and poor people will be popping pills that had been meant for me.

This coercion may finally accomplish what our highly self-esteemed leaders intended. To get my medications I suppose I must discontinue my little act of civil disobedience and conform. But oh, does it rankle!

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