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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Stacks and Other Disposables

While I desperately want the SSUS refreshed and saved for posterity, it seems to be something that will not happen because of the practical realities of the world. (She is not just a webpage.)
Perhaps more managable would be the saving of her stacks to some appropriate locale--Mariner Museum property in Newport News, VA--for example, or anywhere in the city where she was built.
The best thing is to start collecting money for this to be accomplished now while those who built her with pride still live. They are becoming fewer daily.

I am always expending concern about things that probably cannot happen. As examples, I want to save the Chamberlain Hotel in Fort Monroe, VA and all of historic Fort Monroe, for that matter. It is terribly impractical to save the hotel but we all have to dream about something.
I do not want to save these buildings just because I am trying to save memories of a long lost youth. They are actually designed with some knowledge of classical proportion, crafted in an age when workers took pride in their work and from a time when companies valued their employees enough to reward their pride with at least some concern for them and their futures. These things represent the good that comes of not allowing the bottom line to be an architectural entity.


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